• Spray Stencil Inks are useful for permanent, waterproof, fast-drying bold marks on any surface. Marsh Spray Inks are lead free, CFC and CFHC-Free. All inks formulations comply with CONEG legislation
    • Standard Highly Visible Colors: Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Red, White, Yellow and Tan mark-over to cover up
    • Packed in 14 fluid ounce (414 cm) cans – Net weight 11 oz (.31 kg)
    • Black, White, Red and Yellow Meet Government performance requirement for specification CID A-A-208B

    Permanent, waterproof, fast-drying, for marking on porous surfaces such as paper, cloth, wood, corrugated material, etc. Use K Stencil Ink with the following products:

    • R100 Fountain Roller
    • Fountain Brush
    • Use Marsh K-Solvent for clean-up
    • Available in Black and Red

    Waterproof, permanent, and fast- drying on most surfaces; marks on porous or non-porous surfaces. Rolmark stencil ink can be used with any of the following products:

    • RFR200 Fountain Roller
    • Fountain Brush
    • RM20 Roller with RM50 Pad
    • Use Marsh Rolmark Solvent Cleaner for clean-up
    • Available colors are Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Red, White, Yellow, Brown, Bright Blue
    • Black, Red, White and Yellow meet performance specs of CID A-A-208B